The best fur coats are made only from the best fur!
Only the best high-quality fur is used to make fur coats and other products, which originate from fur auctions: Copenhagen Fur Auction, Saga Furs Auction (Helsinki), North American Fur Auctions (Montreal) and American Legend Auctions (Seattle).
The most commonly used examples are present in the atelier and if necessary, we order the desired example for the customer.

*Sheepskin: Toscana, Australian Lamb, etc.


*Rex Rabbit



*Fox: Red fox (ranch), Blue Fox, Silver Fox, Blue Frost, Shadow Fox, Gold Fox, Sun Glo Fox, Arctic Marble  etc.

*Finnraccoon (natural, dyed, bleached), Arctic Finnraccoon, White Finnraccoon




*Sable: Canadian sable, Russian Barguzin sable, etc.

*Other skins: goat, marten, raccoon, fur plates, etc.

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