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FURMANTO OÜ is devoted to self-conscious and exclusive products loving clients, who value the quality.                                                                                                                                         Our clients seek individuality and have higher requests than the large-scale production can offer. Fur and fur coat are the symbols of status and personalized approach is necessary for each client.
The keyword of my fur coats is quality- the best fur, personal design and contemporary know how, which is used by the world's best fur companies.   The plurality of details does not imply the best result, but "less is more" ... the beauty of the fur and classical design should remain the top priority.
The following rule applies to the fur design: the more expensive and valuable material, the more classical style the coat has.
You never slip up, when choosing the classical design. In the field of fur coat design, the exaggeration remains on the fashion podiums. I use the newest styles and designs making vests, jackets and various fur accessories.
I represent the so-called Italian school, and my instructors were the top specialists in the field of fur industry. I worked side by side with them for seven years. During my 26 years of working experience, I have made and designed 600 mink coats, in addition luxurious chinchilla and sable coats. I have collaborated various clothing companies across Europe. 
In 1991, I completed the   design course   in the subject of fur design, which was carried out by Saga Furs of Scandinavia, in the "Mecca" of fur industry, located in Saga International Design Centre, Denmark.
My customer's fur coat is my business card.

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